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Our Legal Team
is completely focussed upon delivering
the best 2020 AST Agreement for landlords

We are experts in housing law and AST agreements. Our legal director, Ian Duncan, is front runner in housing law with a Master’s in Law degree. Our legal department has more than 30 years of commercial and legal experience. All our lawyers specialise in AST contracts and offer advice on all aspects of housing law.

We are open and transparent in all our dealings and our charges. Our legal team has specifically formulated our Gold Standard AST Pack to provide landlords with the essential tools to set them on the right track with their tenancies. While we have also spent many hours drafting our premium 2020 AST Agreements and Supplementary AST Legal Guidance Documents so that Landlords may benefit from our detailed legal methodology and informal approach.



Ian Duncan is a qualified lawyer and with more than twenty years’ experience within the commercial corporate sector and heads up our legal services department. Specialising in housing law, Ian has a handle of all areas of law pertinent to private landlords and more specifically assured shorthold tenancies within England and Wales. Ian is well-known for his success with tenancy deposit disputes. In addition to his legal advice, Ian brings experience in managing civil court procedures for landlord and tenants claims.



With more than twenty years’ experience within London’s advertising and communications sector, Mike is an entrepreneur that has translated his marketing ‘know-how’ to all areas of the Internet including social media and web architecture. A specialist in information technology, Mike oversees all areas of the company’s web development, tech security and online marketing.